10/21: Pre-draft thinking

Post one quotation from each of your source materials (The Selfish Gene and one of your choice). One quotation should either challenge or lead to a deeper understanding of the other–analyze the connection in 3-5 sentences.


10/9: Passive Voice

Find TWO examples of the passive voice in a non-fiction piece. Rewrite each sentence in the active voice. Please include both the original sentence and the revision.




9/23 & 9/25: Thesis & Image

Due: 9/23, 8 AM. 

Post a link to an image that you think adds to an understanding of your thesis.

For example, say my thesis claimed The adoption of a third gender in the U.S. would reinforce, not weaken, what Morris calls the “gender binary.” [JUST an example, and not something I might actually argue–don’t let this affect your reading.] I might post this image: http://i.imgur.com/qO6aynA.jpg. To me, it has a thematic link to my thesis; it speaks to division and uniformity, which my thesis claims would have a negative effect on the perception of gender. 


-Post a link to your image. If possible, please isolate the image (i.e. try not to link to a website with other images, as it might get confusing if we can’t tell which image you’re linking us to).

-DO NOT explain why you chose the image. Post ONLY the link and the thesis statement from your draft. 

-Do your best to choose an image that has a thematic connection, not an explicit one. In other words, if you’re writing about gender, don’t post a picture of a man and a woman–the connection is too strong, and will lessen the amount of analysis your peers have to do. The connection shouldn’t seem overtly obvious!


Due: 9/25, 8 AM. [Note–because of the holidays, some students will dothis post on Sunday evening.]

Respond to ONE of your peers’ images. Answer the question, How does is this image linked to the thesis statement. Do not comment on someone’s image if it has already been commented on. ~100 words, please!


9/16: Aher, A Journey of Pain and Beauty

Discuss one way in which this article (interview, rather) either complicates or adds to your understanding of one of our other readings. (Think of it like you’re using it as a source in a paper!)


9/9: Morris, All Made Up

Discuss how you think the title “All Made Up” relates to what Harvey calls the “subject and focus” of the article.


9/4: Alice Dreger, TEDXTALK

Pick one key passage from Alice Dreger’s Ted Talk and explain how this passage led you to a deeper understanding of her thesis. Remember to cite quotations (Author Page Number).


9/2: Learning Through Writing

Please post your 100 word responses here!

Discussion: Pick one concept, idea, or strategy from Learning Through Writing that you think will improve your writing this semester. Explain why. Also, choose one term you are unfamiliar with and thoroughly define it.