9/2: Learning Through Writing

Please post your 100 word responses here!

Discussion: Pick one concept, idea, or strategy from Learning Through Writing that you think will improve your writing this semester. Explain why. Also, choose one term you are unfamiliar with and thoroughly define it.

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19 Responses to 9/2: Learning Through Writing

  1. I believe Evidence from the “Elements of the Academic Essay” by Gordon Harvey will help me improve my writing the most. Evidence is all about the data, examples, details and facts that you use to summarize or support your thesis. I think what makes your writing from good to great in the eyes of the reader is when you can show them the point that you are trying to make and them agreeing with you. From personal experience, I tend do enjoy readings that I can agree on. I feel when I read these writers work, they are viewing that topic the way I view it. The more facts you give the reader, the more attention it grabs from them and in a way gets the message across to the point where the reader understands it.

  2. one concept that i think will improve my writing this semester is “Evidence” from the ‘Elements of Academic Essay’ by Gorden Harvey. Evidence is something that is incredibly important when trying to prove something through your essay.Furthermore, in an essay, evidence is what makes the reader understand what message you are trying to convey and how well the evidence is evinced through your essay brings more attention form people.Regardless the truth behind the matter, how you plan to play with your evidence also plays and important role in catching the attention from people. Any kind of natural thought when bought under the light of science, technology or any type of evidence is an acceptable fact to most of us. Thus, providing evidence is where the power of destiny exists.One word that i was confused with was “accurately”, which means providing the right information that the reader can trust rather than giving an evidence that one cannot rise arguments about.

  3. Ardit Gjoni says:

    A strategy that I would consider useful for improving my writing this semester would be “Playing Peacemaker.” It is always for the best to not be exposed to a single source of information when other perspectives also raise a good point. Melding together the logical aspects of multiple sources into one, along with your own spin, is what drives us closer towards a universally agreed notion. I consider that it would be a skill worth having for my writing, since it wouldn’t be reasonable to completely ignore what the other side has to say. One side may have made numerous great arguements, while still lacking a proper analysis of the situation as a whole. This strategy drives me to think abstractly, and be the crafter of a new notion: one that looks through multiple sides of a topic, without only concluding to one aspect. A term I was not familiar with was interrupting modifer which is additional information added to a sentence, that is not needed to make it complete, but does give a more thorough background on the entirety of the situation. It is not always neccessary to include the additional information, but it does put the reader more into the perspective of the writer.

  4. Gurjot Singh says:

    The strategy from “Learning Through Writing” that I think will help improve my writing the most this semester is “Ten Sentence Patterns”. Whenever I have to connect common information together, and make it sound presentable, I always get confused about how to do it and wether to use a conjunction or a sign, such as a comma or a colon. I am much more comfortable using conjunctions, but I feel like sometimes they are not the right thing to use . I feel as though my writing is not complete when I can not connect my sentences in a well organized and presentable manner. I feel like this strategy will really make me feel more confident about my writing, and will improve the way I connect my ideas in my writing. I feel that it will make my writing more interesting to the reader. Piggybacking is when you agree, in your writing, with a well known scholar. It makes you seem more sophisticated and is a very safe way to write about a matter.

  5. One strategy from”Learning Through Writing” that i think will improve my writing is “style”.The reason why i say this is because usually my essay has poor use of vocabulary and sentence structure and the style of it will not be exact and clear. If i improve this strategy in my writing, i am sure that i will be able to write essays of any topic with confidence.
    The word that i was unfamiliar with was leapfrogging, which means to surpass or overtake another to move into a leading or dominant position.

  6. Hurriya Hassan says:

    One strategy from Learning Through Writing that I think will improve my writing this semester is “Integrating Sources and Indicating Stance” by Jason Tougaw. I believe that being introduced to this strategy will be extremely helpful because it will improve the language I use to introduce my sources. Being able to introduce my sources properly without using common words like “says” or “writes” will make my writing stronger and will show confidence in my writing. Learning new verbs to introduce my sources will also expand my knowledge on new words and also make me comfortable in using those words throughout the essays I write in the future.
    One word I had difficulty understanding was boasts. Upon looking up this word, I learned the definition, which is to “talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one’s achievements, possessions, or abilities.” In other words to brag.

  7. Kevin Gomez says:

    One strategy from “learning through writing” I think that will help improve my writing is the strategy Style. I want to better my choices of words and make my essay structure more persuading to the reader. Using style correctly, I will be able to demonstrate the topic of my idea more clearly and present it in a fashion the reader will find engaging.In highschool, on my essays my teachers would sometimes tell me I get off the main point of my topic. Also by the end I don’t leave a strong enough impact. So I think the strat